Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One of Those Days

Today's one of those days, I am tired exhausted and I just don't want to do anything.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Its Sunday and I look ridiculous... Only because I have a facial mask on.  So i decided it would be a good time to update, So i went and spent the weekend with my mother for her birthday. And while I was there I was thinking that I should start on October 1 for my hair. And added something to my skin care regimen.

Revised Skin Care
1. Wash face well.
                 This car be can soap that you feel leave your face feeling refreshed.
2. Invest in a good astringent.
                 This can be any brand but you need to use this toward your skins conditions because regular astringent can dry your skin and can leave burn scale on face. I use one that's for sensitive skin.
An astringent helps clean your pores and decrease oils that deposit in the pores that can cause breakout later on.
3. Use a scrub!!!!!!!!!!!
                Scubs help lift any dead skin and particles that are leftover. It also helps exfoliate the skin.
4. ------ MASK
Luminizing Black Mask               Mask are especially good for keeping beautiful skin. In my opinion the best mask is from Sephora Boscia Black Mask. It peels away impurities, dead skin and leaves your face feeling fresh.
5. Vitamin E
             You can get this at CVS Pharmacy for about two dollars. Vitamin E is good for you face and I use it as a moisturizer after I do all this before I go to sleep.  It keeps your face soft.

That's pretty much what I do not every night but 4 night out the week. But i cleanse everyday by carrying cleansing pads to get rid of oils... especially in Florida you always feel like you skin is always dampy or moist.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today, I start this blog as an scale and path to follow my journey in enbracing my health and happiness.
I feel as if I need some time of motivation to see how I can change my lifestyle. This blog will be my personal journal. I have many goals in life and promises that I have not kept to my self. I think this is lack of dreaming and believing in what I dream. They say that it's always good to tell people what your dreams and aspirations are because when you start to say them so many time, you will being to believe it. So today I make a pact... No a pledge to tell everything I am feeling, all my goals for this you - (long-term and short-term), I pledge to follow the guidelines that I set for myself and my journey for this year.

Here are my goals:
1. Grow My Hair
            I feel that growing my hair thicker and longer will allow me to feel a better confidence within myself. I will have that appreciation for my hair and look that I want to have.

2. Losing Weight
           As of right now I am overweight, but only by 50lbs. I am 185lbs. Yes its a big shocker. Though I don't look it I feel it. I am preexistently prone to having high blood pressure. I currently have high blood pressure and I am only 19 yrs old. This fact doesn't scare me because I had this up and down pressure problem since I was a baby. Th doctors told my mother that she had to carefully watch my activities so that I won't move to much of I can send my body into shock. I have to check my pressure before I get on planes and where earplugs or I feel uneasy as if the blood is rushing to head. What scares me the most is that I don't want this preexisting health condition to trigger others.

3. Relationship
           I want to build a relationship with friends and family, in a healthy manner. I have friends but I dont have great communication skills. So I am a bad friend. I am afraid of my phone. I like to be free and I feel like my phone tracks me to much. So I hope that this will allow me to be able to build communication skills and express my feeling to those who love me in a better manner

Well as of right now I can think of anything else but these are my main goals .  I hope you all can follow my progress and help me with tips to do better .